Zevlův Mlýn


A farm focused mainly on the breeding of beef breeds cattle of BIO quality. Other farm animals include goats, poultry, fish, fallow deer and peacocks.

Our organic products

We do not use any fertilizers or any chemicals when farming on our farm. The animals move on large pastures and are given the maximum possible care to make the target products as delicious as possible.


For fishing lovers there is a 200m distant Zevlův pond, which manages a fishing association and a normal fishing license is enough for it.

If you are interested in catching capital fish, where meter carp are no exception, then it is possible to buy a one-day permit and fish on a private sports pond 2 km from the mill. It is also possible to camp by the pond. We will be happy to provide you with more information at the mill.


+420 777 763 000


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