Zevlův Mlýn


In June 2018, we launched our family craft brewery Zevlův mlýn with a capacity of 7,000 liters of beer per month. Based on honest brewing of beer from quality Czech and foreign hops, malt and Novohradské water. The offer includes both light Pilsner-type lagers and other types of beer in the permanent and seasonal offer. All our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized and thus retain their original taste and many more healthy substances.

Beer price list

Beer can be purchased every day from 9:00 to 17:00 directly at the mill.

Beer in PET bottles

10% Pale lager 1,5l80 CZK
11% Pale lager 1,5l90 CZK
11% Pale hemp lager 1,5l100 CZK
12% Pale lager 1,5l100 CZK
12% Dark lager 1,5l100 CZK
11% ALE 1,5l100 CZK
* When purchasing a keg, we require a refundable deposit of 1000 CZK

Beer in kegs*

10% Pale lager 15l540 CZK
10% Pale lager 30l1080 CZK
10% Pale lager 50l1800 CZK
11% Pale lager 15l570 CZK
11% Pale lager 30l1140 CZK
11% Pale lager 50l1900 CZK
12% Pale lager 15l600 CZK
12% Pale lager 30l1200 CZK
12% Pale lager 50l2000 CZK
12% Dark lager 15l600 CZK
12% Dark lager 30l1200 CZK
12% Dark lager 50l2000 CZK
11% Pale hemp lager 15l600 CZK
11% Pale hemp lager 30l1200 CZK
11% Pale hemp lager 50l2000 CZK

Brewery tour

Would you like to learn more about brewing beer and take a look at a mini-brewery? So our excursions are just for you. An approximately 30-60 minute tour with an explanation awaits you, and at the end, of course, a beer tasting from the tank. It is necessary to book a tour in advance, either by calling +420 607 351 276 or email info@zevluvmlyn.cz

Tour price: 100 CZK / person. Minimum number of people is 5, maximum 20.

Where to taste?

You can always or occasionally taste our beer on tap:

Inn u Jezárka – Suchdol nad Lužnicí
Restaurant near Tereza – Nové Hrady
Restaurant u Míry – Nové Hrady
Pension Na celnici – Nove Hrady
Camp Veveří – Veveří near Nové Hrady
And of course in our beerhouse in Zevlův mlýn – Nové Hrady


+420 777 763 000


7:00 - 22:00