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Wonderful accommodation in a quiet protected area of ​​the Novohradské hory with a untouched landscape.

About Zevlův mlýn

Welcome to the website of the Zevlův mlýn homestead. Tourists who came here in 2011 found a dilapidated building here. Today we can boast of a successful reconstruction of all parts of this beautiful homestead, including the completely operational technology of the mill from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The historical part of the mill is open to the public in the summer, when a guide is available. On the website you will also find other activities of today’s mill owners, such as an outdoor kiosk with home-made products straight from the mill, a mini-brewery and agricultural activities.
Tourist stamp No. 2459 can be purchased at Zevlův mlýn.


All rooms are newly furnished. Guests have access to a hot Whirlpool, sauna and Beer spa. There is also a beer hall in the building and in summer it is possible to use a forest pond with outdoor seating and barbecue.

Weddings & Teambuildings

Experience the wedding of your
dreams at Zevlův mlýn

Activities & Leisure time

At Zevlův mlýn we have many activities and opportunities how to spend the day. You can visit the museum of milling, take a look on the animals of our BIO farm or fish on Zevl pond. You can end the day with a good sip of cold beer from our brewery.


For fishing lovers there is a 200m distant Zevlův pond, which manages a fishing association and a normal fishing license is enough for it. If you are interested in catching capital fish, where meter carp is no exception, then it is possible to buy a one-day ...

Museum of Milling

The first mention of the current Zevlův mlýn comes from the Novohradský land register from 1390 and Mikoláš (in Latin Michaele) is mentioned as a miller. The exhibition includes mainly mill exhibits found during repairs since 2011, but also exhibits imported from ...


In June 2018, we launched our family brewery Zevlův mlýn with a capacity of 7,000 liters of beer per month. Based on honest brewing of beer from quality Czech and foreign hops, malt and Novohradské water. The offer includes both ...


A farm focused mainly on the breeding of beef breeds cattle of BIO quality. Other farm animals include goats, poultry, fish, fallow deer and peacocks.


Take advantage of many opportunities for relaxation and rest that we offer at Zevlův mlýn, whether it is a beer spa or a private sauna.

Beer spa

You can not only drink beer, but also bathe in it. In the beer spa, you can treat yourself to a rest you never dreamed of.



Use the private whirlpool for relaxation, thanks to which you will gain strength for another day full of fun at Zevlův mlýn.



Relax in the private Finnish sauna, which is designed for 4 people. Where you will find rest and health.

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Wonderful accommodation in a quiet protected area of ​​the Novohradské hory with a untouched landscape.


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